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Ride's motorized towing vehicle 087L03 coil 7 amp, electric start

Ride's motorized towing vehicle 087L03 coil 7 amp, electric start
  • Ride's motorized towing vehicle 087L03 coil 7 amp, electric start
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Ryde's all - season motorized towing vehicle

The "Raida" motorized towing vehicle is an inexpensive, easy - to - use, convenient and reliable vehicle.

Winner of the qualifying stage of the Interregional Competition "Best Goods and Services of the North - West of Russia - GEMMA - 2019", awarded a gold medal and a diploma.

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For the convenience of repair and maintenance, the towing vehicle is equipped with units and parts that are used on other types of equipment. General - purpose motors are installed on small - sized gardening and construction equipment (motor cultivators, motor pumps, generators, etc. ). The variator belt is used on Taiga, Buran snowmobiles. The drive chain is used on motorcycles Tula, Voskhod, Minsk, etc. The 80205 easily removable bearings are attached to the body on 4 M6 bolts, which greatly facilitates their replacement.

Ryde's tug controls are simple and reliable. To start moving, you just need to add gas; to stop - release the throttle; to turn off the engine, you need to press the stop button located in the left handlebar.

In the transport position (with the steering wheel folded), the motorized towing vehicle is very compact and fits in the trunk of a car. For transportation in a car, the towing vehicle can be placed in a standard sled - sled. In this case, the melted snow will remain in the drag.

The weight of the transported cargo is up to 450 kg. , at the rate of 150 - 200 kg in one sled - drag.

The towing vehicle has good maneuverability on loose and wet snow, overcomes areas of snow with water well. The tank capacity of the 92nd gasoline is enough for 40 - 80 km of track, depending on the state of the snow and on the load.
In the cargo compartment of the Ryda motorized towing vehicle, you can carry additional equipment, tools, fuel, etc. items weighing up to 40 kg.
Sleds - drags are made of wear - resistant, durable low - pressure polyethylene and are designed for operation at temperatures up to - 60 degrees C. Sleds are attached to the towing hitch with a movable hitch.


The motorized towing vehicle "Raida" is not registered in the traffic police and in the inspection of Gostekhnadzor, therefore, there is no need to pay transport tax. No management rights are required.

Characteristics of a motorized towing vehicle.

Length \ width \ height mm 1500 \ 540 \ 840 Track width mm 500

Engine power hp from. 11 Speed km \ h 35 - 40

Fuel type AI - 92 Fuel consumption g / kW. hour 374

Fuel tank capacity l 6 Engine type 4 - stroke gasoline

Transmission variator Safari Suspension spring - loaded, lever - skid (stroke 100 mm)

Drive chain - closed in oil bath Snow pressure kg / sq. cm 0.016


The main
Engine type & nbsp - Petrol
Engine cycle & nbsp - Four - stroke
Engine power 11.0 & nbsp - (l. S. )
The mass of the transported cargo in the coupling 400.0 & nbsp - (kg)
Towing vehicle weight 101 & nbsp - (kg)
Track width 500 & nbsp - (mm)
Manufacturer country Russia
Manufacturer & nbsp - Archconstructor
Overall dimensions in working order with one sled - drags
Length 3000.0 & nbsp - (cm)
Width 500.0 & nbsp - (cm)
Height 840.0
Overall dimensions in transport condition
Transport length 1500.0 & nbsp - (mm)
Transport width 500.0 & nbsp - (mm)
Transport height 840.0 & nbsp - (mm)
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 10.09.2020
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